Kennel Club consultation on CC allocation

The Kennel Club has announced that it will conduct a consultation with breed clubs across the UK before finalising details of the allocation of Kennel Club Challenge Certificates (CCs) for 2016.

The Kennel Club has previously deferred a reduction in the number of CCs for a number of breeds due to the potential adverse effect it may have on General and Group Championship Shows. However, having conducted a review of the allocation process, the Kennel Club General Committee has agreed that, with the exception of the British and Irish Native Vulnerable Breeds, no breed should have any reduction of CCs deferred and that for 2016 the allocation should be based solely on the established method of calculation.

As a result, for the 2016 CC Allocation, just over 60 breeds will lose a total of 78 sets of CCs. Whilst this may appear to be a large number of CCs, it is worth noting that in 2012, a total of over 3,400 sets of CCs were allocated, and thus the decrease amounts to just 2.3% of the entire CC allocation. In addition, there are several breeds which will actually benefit from an increase of a total of 21 sets of CCs.

For the first time, the General Committee has directed that a period of consultation with breed clubs is undertaken for those breeds affected by the changes. Each club has been asked to submit a proposal which will be considered when deciding the allocation of CCs to show societies.

Giant Schnauzers are due to have a reduction of CCs in 2016 and as such, has been asked to participate in the review.



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