Giant Schnauzer Club Shows and Events

The Giant Schnauzer Club currently hold three shows throughout the year; an Open show in February and August which helps B list judges to gain the experience they need to further their career in judging, and a Championship show in October. In addition the club has an annual seminar in April assisting with the training of judges, and providing hands on grooming advice and information about the breed. The Giant Schnauzer Club shows and events are held at Tomlinsons Farm Boarding Kennels at Markfield in Leicestershire, LE67 9RJ

Open Shows

The club Open shows are relaxed and friendly and open to all three Schnauzer sizes. It is a great way to meet and chat with other owners and have a go at showing your Giant. The Open shows are an excellent practice for the showring or just to socialise your Giant or puppy. Puppies over the age of 4 months are allowed to attend but cannot compete until 6 months of age. Refreshments are available at the show and it is also an opportunity to see the Schnauzer items on offer at the club shop.

Championship Show

The Club Championship show is generally well attended and is a great place to see most of the current top winning Giant Schnauzers all in one place. Challenge certificates are on offer for the Best Dog and Best Bitch which count towards a dog in gaining the title of Champion. A dog does not have to be a champion to enter this show, there are a number of different classes, so if you would like to have a go and enter your Giant, you never know they could qualify for Crufts. A first, second or third placing in a class will automatically qualify a dog for Crufts in the following year.

Grooming Seminars

One-to-one hands on grooming demonstration and instruction.