Giant Schnauzer Research & Genetics

The Giant Schnauzer Club are working in conjunction with the Kennel Club and Animal Health Trust to provide a thorough and ongoing analysis of the health status and genetic diversity of the Giant Schnauzer. Also advancements are being made to facilitate research into Hereditary Epilepsy, Toe Cancer, Skin Tumours and also Mouth Tumours.

Scientists and clinicians at the Animal Health Trust (AHT) are using state of the art genetic research capabilities to identify the genetic factors associated with Hereditary Canine Epilepsy and three specific types of cancer in Schnauzers. If the research is successful the end product will be a DNA test that can identify the risk of developing these conditions and assist responsible breeders to prevent them from being passed on to future generations.

How you can help
If you own a Schnauzer you may be able to help from the comfort of your own home and it is totally free!

All that is required is a simple swab taken from the inside of your dogs cheek, it is very easy and pain free. The AHT are looking for samples from both AFFECTED and UNAFFECTED dogs. So you may still be able to help even if your dog does not suffer from Epilepsy or Cancer if they fit into one of the following categories:

Do you own a Schnauzer over the age of 7 years?
If so please consider sending a cheek swab, the AHT need samples from at least 20 dogs over the age of 7 years that are UNAFFECTED by Cancer or Epilepsy.

Do you own a Schnauzer diagnosed with Epilepsy?
If so please send a cheek swab, the AHT need samples from at least 20 dogs affected with Epilepsy of any age that have been diagnosed by a vet as having Hereditary Epilepsy (also known as Primary or Idopathic Epilepsy). Also samples are needed from close relatives of affected dogs.
Download the AHT Canine Epilepsy Studies article Download Canine Epilepsy article

Do you own a Schnauzer diagnosed with Toe Cancer, Skin or Mouth Tumours?
If so please send a cheek swab, the AHT need samples from Schnauzers affected with Toe Cancer (also known as Ungual Melanomas), Skin Tumours (Cutaneous Melanomas) and Mouth Tumours (Oral Melanomas). If your vet needs to take a biopsy of the affected area the AHT are also collecting biopsy samples which can be taken at the same time. Please inform your vet about the AHT cancer research in Schnauzers.
Download the AHT Oncology Research Group article on melanomas in Schnauzers Download Schnauzer Melanoma article


DNA Sampling & Research
To contact the GSC Breed Health Co-ordinator:
Lesley Parker

Please help if you can

Please Help

To order a free cheek swab kit:

Contact the AHT
Cheek swabs can be obtained and returned directly to the AHT.
All enquiries are treated in confidence.
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Cancer Research:

For any queries or more information about the AHT cancer projects please contact:
Mike Starkey Tel: 01638 555603