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This is Ava, She's 8 years old and a funny, big talking, awkward girl. She's up for rescue as her owners, an elderly couple, unfortunately passed away. Due to living with an elderly couple her entire life she's not well socialised with other dogs and cats, so it's best that she lives alone. She really does not get on very well with other smaller dogs as she tries to dominate them and although she has never hurt a cat she could never be trusted with one. Despite the fact that she hasn't lived with children she's still good with teenagers, others adults and even young children as we have a variety of different age groups visiting her and giving her love - including a 3 year old and a 7 year old. Despite the fact she's good around children she's still a big food thief so can snap food from little and big fingers, please take this into consideration. She is also a very very bad food thief and has stolen toast from the toaster and is very quick to get food if left unattended or even if you are standing next to it she will grab it if she thinks she can. She is on a stricked diet as weight gain is very detrimental to her being able to walk. This unfortunately, due to an injury on a growth plate on her front leg, which she sustained as a puppy, Ava suffers with arthritis in her shoulder so she cannot be walked very far, despite being very good on the lead. She's on pain medication twice a day. Rymdol 100mg in the evening and 50mg in the morning which cost you would have to take into consideration She's microchipped, spayed and up to date with her vaccinations and she's fed on moist and dry food. If anyone's interested in giving Ava a loving new forever home then contact Dawn from the Giant Schnauzer Rescue by call or text on 07929922865.


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Kyla's Rescue Story

Saturday July the 14th and I was looking at the Giant Schnauzer Clubs website, in particular the rescue page. It had been almost 3 years since my German Shepherd died and although we had got ourselves a Miniature Schnauzer called Chip who is now 4, he really was my partners dog and follows her everywhere. A few days ago I saw an advert for Giant Schnauzer puppies on the internet and although I have had 3 German Shepherds and loved them all, I wondered if I could get a dog like Chip only slightly larger! Chip has a fantastic personality and Schnauzers have a reputation for being clever dogs that live a long time. Add to that, they don't lose hair and we have a dog grooming business to keep them nice and tidy. It seemed like a good idea but perhaps it would be better to give a rescue dog a home than to answer an internet ad.

Dolly was on the rescue site with Max and Harley. She was a 5 month old bitch, perfect for me but what was the story? I phoned Dawn who looks after the site and asked about Dolly. Dawn explained that Dolly had a urine infection caused by E. Coli and this meant that she would drink and pee a lot. This proved to be very unpopular with her previous owners and was one of the reasons why she had been returned to her breeder Claire.

The previous owner and Claire had taken Dolly to the vets for scans and urine sampling and she was on a course of antibiotics. There are a few reasons why some dogs catch a urine infection more than others do. It was a risk but we decided to go to Claire and see Dolly and if she was ok with Chip we would ask if we could have her and then give her whatever medical help she needed. We would just need to keep our mops at the ready. Sunday we made the trip from the New Forest to Kent and the dogs got on fine.

Dawn, Claire and myself all agreed to give it a go and Dolly came home with us. On the M25 we played the Name a Dog game and she became Kyla. Kyla slept all the way and we got back at midnight but we had everything ready for her. Since then we have had a urine test result showing that the infection is still there so we put her on another course of different antibiotics. We waited 2 weeks after the course had finished and then took some urine from inside her bladder to avoid any contamination for analysis. Monday October the 1st the tests came back all clear. We have to keep watching in case the infection comes back but if she needs specialist scans, then that's what she will get.

My last German Shepherd had problems at the beginning and the end of her life and was the last of the litter left at her breeders but she taught me that if you just give a dog the chance the rewards can be well worth it. Now Kyla has the freedom of the forest with its ponies and cows. She loves the rivers and her walks along the beaches. She comes out on the boat with us and wears an adult life jacket! On her first trip the engine broke down in the Solent and when we tried to row back, the row locks snapped so we thought she may have been a curse. I was pleased to learn that Max and Harley have been rescued too.

Dave, Karen, Kate, Kyla and Chip






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