Giant Schnauzer Club History


1st UK Litter Bred

Breed Classified by UK KC

Challenge Certificates Awarded

Giant Schnauzer Club Officially Registered

Giant Schnauzer Club officially registered with the Kennel Club

Giant Schnauzer transferred to Working Group

GSC’s 1st Championship Show

The Club held its 1st Championship Show on 28th July 1984, at Towcester Racecourse, where 97 Giants were entered.

The Giant Schnauzer Club (GSC) was officially registered with the Kennel Club on 1 November 1979. According to Clifford Derwent [1] previous applications during 1977 and 1978, were rejected due to objections on the grounds that it  may split the Schnauzer breeds. However the club was formed “thanks to some tireless lobbying and sportsmanship from the Northern Schnauzer Club and support from such influential people as the late Harry Glover, and Mr Grindley and Mr Pagliero, and Group Capt Sutton – to name but a few. ” The founding chairman was Mr P. Seed and secretary Mrs E Watmough.

The first Giant Schnauzer Club Championship show was held at Towcester Race Course, Northants on Saturday 28th July 1984, judged by Mrs Pamela Cross-Stern. Advertised  in Our Dogs as the largest number of Giant Schnauzers ever to be seen together in Britain at the time, with 104 dogs, 158 entries.

[1] Derwent, C (1984) Giant Schnauzer: Clifford Derwent Reviews the Breed. Our Dogs (July 26/1984), 22-26