Giant Schnauzer Health Fund (GSHF)

The Giant Schnauzer Health Fund (GSHF) was set up in 2014 to raise money for research into diseases thought to be inherited in the Giant Schnauzer. It is hoped that the gene(s) responsible for specific health conditions can be identified and that DNA tests for such diseases may be available in the future. Such tests will enable breeding decisions to be made whilst maintaining genetic diversity and preservation of the breed. The GSHF is an independent organisation supported by the three UK breed Clubs representing Giant Schnauzers: The Giant Schnauzer Club, The Northern Schnauzer Club and The Schnauzer Club of Great Britain.


Find out how to get involved, make a donation to the Giant Schnauzer Health Fund, become a member of the fund and see how you can help out with research to protect the future health of the Giant Schnauzer.

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