Funny Facts About Giant Schnauzers

Did you know…

Giant Schnauzers may often look like they have chewed a black marker pen. However these black tongue spots or marks develop as they start to mature, and is just normal pigmentation.

They are often attracted to water, of any kind, the muddier the better. Luckily their typical  harsh, wiry coat tends to dry faster and mud falls off much easier.

Giants can reach high up, and are quite resourceful, they will drink from a tap, or toilet if allowed.

Giants like to sleep in interesting and weird contorted positions, when you have two, and they get on together, they often like to be touching.

When they crash, they crash anywhere.

Playing fetch with an entire tree branch  is a great game, especially attempts to take it through a doorway.

Even a game of frisbee just can’t be normal.

This colour nose isn’t usually a good sign.

Fancy a lap dog, Giants can do that too.

…the list of Giant Schnauzer antics is endless, life is never dull with a Giant Schnauzer, a sense of humour is essential.